about me

I've had a thing with memory ever since I can remember…

I have always felt that every chapter in life is so important to the full story, and it's always concerned me that people don't seem to remember aspects of their life like they wish they did.

I feel very thankful to have been bought my first DSLR camera in seventh grade. I have had many since and have carried them with me everywhere! Within friends, through middle school, high school/ young adulthood; I've always been known as that girl lugging around a big a** camera. Because of that I have a well documented life and have so many memories forever preserved! Specifically through photographs, I am able to refer back to things that I normally wouldn't reflect on. I am able to look back on and remember it all. All the little details that don't live in my mind but still exist within the photograph. I know that's kind of deep but that's really what fuels my fire when it comes to photography. I want people to be able to remember the little things, the stinker face that their two-year-old made when they asked him to smile… I want them to remember how the wind moved the shadows to dance on the table settings at their wedding. Moments don't last forever but memories can. I have a sentimental heart, probably more than most, but I absolutely adore capturing memories, documenting the fleeting moments, and simultaneously creating art for people to value forever.