Living in beautiful costal California we are so lucky to have access to an array of world class beaches up and down our coastline.

Growing up here has allowed me the opportunity to get familiar with the vast variety our coastline has to offer.

As a photographer beach sessions are a favorite, as well as a very common request. Theres nothing quite like a good golden hour on the water.

Consider this your beach session brief, scroll through this full gallery example for some tips and things to consider below.


Black and white beach photos
San Diego Beach Photos
San Diego Beach Photos
San Diego Beach Photos
San Diego Beach Photos
wildflower photo
Beach couples session
full beach gallery example
Full gallery example
Beach engagement session inspo
Beach engagement session inspo
Beach engagement session inspo
Beach engagement session inspo
La Jolla Beach session


Your location is your natural backdrop, what do you want in yours?

Sea cliffs, Palm trees, Rocky shore spray, Tide pools & reflections, or just straight up sand and epic sunset ta-boot!

Explaining what your looking for to someone who's familiar with our coastline (eh hemm!) will help them match you to the ideal location for your session!

and be specific, because we've got options!

what to wear

The short answer to this question is neutrals, but that doesn't necessarily mean all white beach photos like above. Feel free to reach out to me for a dressing guide which shows how colors will translate into your photos and which shades are best to choose from. Some of my favorites for a beach session are olive greens, charcoal blues, denim, tans & browns.

willing to get wet?

While I always hope the answer is yes, I understand people need options! For those that aren't, I would recommend finding a location with sea cliffs or a trail down to the beach ( I know lots) so you get the full beach vibe and setting without all the sandy, soppy aftermath. If you are game though, there is so much fun to be had!!

The playful shots tend to be my favorite!

Kids at the beach?!

Will my kids stay on task at the beach? Will they ruin their outfit in .5 seconds? Valid concerns... but my objection is to embrace it! We nock out a few crisp posed shots to start and then get to the playful magic of some genuine smiles!

Ive found that giving kids a little freedom at a session keeps them way more engaged and naturally wanting to a part of it all.