A long table scape of linens, eucalyptus, and white florals set the tone. The day after a rainstorm with sunny skies and a crisp breeze. The shadows put on a show as if they were an intentional aspect of table setting. The wind made them dance.

Play for all! A cozy corner with blankets, pillows, and games for little ones... Then on the opposing lawn, for the big kids, beautifully painted gold & silver horseshoes, Custom C & K tick tac toe and a competitive tournament or two of corn hole!

the exchange

Guests arrived and gathered past an overgrown archway, around a flowing fountain. They waited and talked amongst themselves until the guitars started to strum. Courtneys dad led the way with with her daughter and the sweetest little flower girl in tow. They wore matching flower crowns and she carried white rose petals. the fountain trickled & the breeze blew as they made their way past the arches. Once settled the couple exchanged beautifully hand written testaments to one another and vowed their love.


Toasts were made... food was enjoyed...and life & love were celebrated!

cut the cake

loved watching everyone come together for this couple. They had aunties and sisters setting up and fine tuning all the beautiful day of details.

the portraits

my forever favorite part! stealing the couple away from the commotion letting them breath and capturing their magic.

Every couple is always such a different vibe and I work really hard to let their style and story show.

Cheers to Courtney & Kieth!